Saturday, January 24, 2009

Working it out in 2009!!!

So last year, I started my list of 105 goals in 1005 days. I did well in some areas & was able to check off some thing. Now that it's a new year, I'm ready to start knocking some other things off this long list!!!

I figured I go through the list and only concentrate on ones that seem reasonable for me to go after within the next 12 months!! If things should change 6 months in from now - of course, I'll revisit and revamp once again!!!

2009 GOAL LIST!!!

1 Attend a baseball game

3 Attend Bible Study regularly

4 Attend Church on a regular basis

5 Attend Sunday School regularly

6 Be a positive example for Nicolas

7 Be Comfortable in my own skin

9 Be totally and completely in love with my husband

11 Bowl a Perfect Game

14 Buy a new wardrobe in my CORRECT size

20 Do 100 regular push-ups nonstop

21 Do 5 one arm push-ups (G.I Jane style) nonstop

22 Do 50 chin-ups

23 Either loose the Baby Pooch or come to terms with it

24 Finish Nicolas' Baby Book

25 Get a full makeover (hair, clothes etc)

26 Get another tattoo - preferable a Butterfly

27 Get Body Fat % down to healthy level

28 Get out of & Stay out of debt

30 Give back to my Alma Mater

31 Give Up Pretending for good!!

32 Go away to B&B on the beach, by MYSELF (3 nights minimum)

33 Go Camping

34 Go Dancing

35 Go Hiking

36 Go horse back riding

37 Go on a Romantic Picnic

41 Go to a Broadway Play or Musical

44 Grow out my relaxer & wear hair naturally

46 Have a successful, loving and Christ-Centered marriage - (1 year down)!!

48 Have an At Home Gym complete with Treadmill, Elliptical & TV/DVD for videos (purchased the treadmill)

49 Join a Woman's Bible Study Group

52 Learn to ENJOY my son now

53 Learn to Forgive and Move on

54 Learn to swim

55 Live Authentically

57 Maintain a healthy weight (preferable goal weight of 130)

58 Memorize Bible Verses important to me

66 Raise Nicolas to become a true man of God

67 Read a minimum of 10 books on the New York Times Best Seller List

68 Read ALL of my books in full

71 Reinvent Myself at least once a year

73 Run a 5K in under 30 minutes

74 Run a mile in 10 minutes or less - personal best: 15min 00 sec

81 Study & Learn all the Women of the Bible

82 Take a Belly Dance class - have free pass, need to take the class!!

83 Take a Bikram Yoga Class

85 Take a karate class

88 Take a positive stand for something I believe in

89 Take a summer vacation - EVERY summer - 2 week minimum!!

91 Take a walk on a moonlit night, hand in hand, with someone I love

92 Take Morning Prayer Walks

95 Take Nicolas to visit FAMU

99 Treat myself to an ALL DAY Spa Retreat

100 Turn a Cart Wheel

101 Visit a nice Jazz Club

102 Visit the top of the Empire State Building