Sunday, September 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

New week & first time trying out new Weight Watchers dinner recipes. My sister and I joined on last Monday & this will be the first week that I'm cooking using the points system. lol... It ought to be interesting. DH is going out of town for a few days, so at least he won't be subject to any of it until later on in the week.

Monday - Grilled Cheese, Soup & Salad (Just DS & I, grilled cheese for him & soup & salad for me).

Tuesday - Busy Day Crock pot Chicken & Rice

Wednesday - Crock pot Brown Sugar Chili & Whole Wheat Rolls & Salad

Thursday - Left Overs

Friday - Pizza Night

Saturday - Sausage-Sweet Potato Bake

Sunday - Chops in a Crock pot w/ Baked Potato & broccoli.

Sausage-Sweet Potato Bake

1/2 pound lean sausage cut in 1/4 slices

3 medium sized sweet potatoes, peeled & sliced thin

4 medium sized apples, peeled & cut in chunks

1T sugar

2T flour

1/4 t ground cinnamon

1/4t salt

1/4-1/2 cup water

Brown sausage in nonstick skillet. drain

layer sweet potatoes, apples & sausage in slow cooker sprayed with nonfat cooking spray

combine remaining ingredients. pour over all

cover. cook on low 6-7 hours or on high 3-4 hours


total fat - 7g

cholesterol 15mg

sodium - 260mg

carbs - 38g

fiber - 5g

sugar - 22g

All other crock pot recipes can be found here.

For other yummy ideas check out .

Hot for the Holidays Friday

I wish I could get better at this weighing in on Friday's. lol... But I did weigh in 2lbs lighter. On Friday morning that is... Tomorrow night is Weight Watchers weigh in, so I'm hoping to get the same results. Although with eating at Taco Bell tonight, I might not get that same result. lol...

I am going into this week better prepared though. I went to the grocery store and brought all Weight Watcher friendly snacks and lunches and then last night I sat down and planned out a new workout rotation that will take me through the next six weeks. I have an array of exercise DVDs and I figured it's time to start really using them, especially with the cooler days ahead.

This week's rotation is:
Monday - Hi Def Sculpt
Tuesday - Turbo Jam 20 minutes & Ab Jam
Wednesday - Hard Core Fusion
Thursday - Hi Def Sculpt
Friday - Tae Bo Live
Saturday - Cardio Overdrive

I'm hoping that with this new rotation I will be able to jump start my weight loss & get myself back into working out again - the summer months have left me a bit lazy.

For this weeks questions, I really didn't get to take new pictures, but I'm hoping I can still reflect the answers in some that I already have...

Take pictures of the following things and you can have any interpretation you want:
1. Someone or something that inspires you.

2. Something that you love to do.

3. Something that makes you crazy.

4. Something healthy in your life.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Morning Prayer

It's time to get back to my bible studying. For the past two nights, my DH has told me that I've been fighting in my sleep.

I mentioned it to my Mom & knew what she was going to say even before she said it - "It's just the devil!!". Don't know how many of you would believe that, but I sure do. See, I feel that the enemy knows just where to beat us down. For me, it's a good nights sleep. Without one, I find it hard to function in the morning, I don't get up for my morning bible study or exercise, I'm cranky (snapping at my husband and kids) & I eat all day long because I'm tired and sleepy.

So what better way to fight the enemy?? Dig deep into the word. Even if I take baby steps getting back into it, I know that's what I need to do. Today I started with Psalms 1 and read it out loud - just in case the enemy was listening in! lol...

And tomorrow I will continue!!! I have to keep reminding myself - No weapon formed against me, shall prosper!!!

Stay Blessed!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sitting back and reevaluating everything from why I blog to my goals for the month of October. So much has happened during the month of September that I fell out of the blogging world. It got to be a bit much for me. I found that I got to the mind set of writing in order to get people to read my blogs rather than just writing for writing sake.

Initially when I started this - it was just to journal the journey. I'm trying to find my way back to that mindset. I love the challenges that I'm partaking in and I love reading about other people's journey, but not to the point where it gets overwhelming. Yes, I went there and it started to put a bad taste in my mouth with my own blogging/journaling.

So I'm going back to the basics. Writing and journaling just for the simple love of doing just that!! I will try my best to keep up with my on going challenges, but if I should happen to fall off - I won't beat myself up about it. I'll just get back on board later or with the next one!!

I did this for fun - not to feel like a job!! lol... So I'm done with taking the fun out of it!!!

Happy Writing!!!

HFH - Question of the week...

Hmmm... Still have a few days to think about this one.

Hot for the Holidays over on Baby Tea Leaves offers questions on Monday to help encourage us along the way on our weight lost journey.

Here are this weeks questions.

So, here's the question(s) of the week and you can write a post about it (or not) but if you do, let us know on Friday, either in the comments or the linky so we can all visit each other!
We've been doing a lot of thinking about where we are in life and what we want to do in our life, so this week we're going to do a photo essay of sorts. Take pictures of the following things and you can have any interpretation you want:
1. Someone or something that inspires you.
2. Something that you love to do.
3. Something that makes you crazy.
4. Something healthy in your life.
This week sounds fun!!! Can't wait to post on Friday!!! If you want to check out Hot for the Holidays - click here!!
Stay Blessed!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Our 1 year anniversary is next month. I want to be one hot sexy wifey for him like I was on the day of our wedding!!! That gives me 5 weeks to shape up and tone up and find a fabulous place for us to sneak off too!
I have tons of nutrition & fitness books full of information. Not to mention magazines, DVDs and VHS tapes. All I have to do it put it all together and get to work. It's always easier with a goal in mind!!! So here is my goal:
Look absolutely fabulous by October 20, 2008!!
Stay Blessed!!!

Body for Life

12 week challenge with Body for Life. I signed up for this challenge months ago, but never did it. So today I checked out the book from the library. The book definitely gives more info than the website does and the entire program seems doable.
Still debating and reading the book over in general to see if it's something that I want to add to my daily workout routine.
The before and after pictures seem a bit unreal to me, but I guess I'll never find out how true they are unless I take my own. lol... Maybe....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hot for the Holidays Weigh In

I am coming in this Friday at 140.6 - which, I guess, technically this is the first weigh in? I'm hoping for some lost next WI!!!

This week's question: What do I want my legacy to be?

My legacy are my children.
I have 1 son and 4 stepdaughters. The stepdaughters live with their Mom, but I still have an influence over them as well.
But when I watch my son learn and grow, I know that I'm a huge part of that and I try to be the best influence and leader that I can be for him. I realized that he is the future and my job is to mold him into the best Christian man that he can be!

Fabulous Five Friday

I have to give it up to the blogger world. Those that can keep up with this on a daily basis, I applaud you!!! I try my best to remember, but call me old fashion - give me a journal and a pen and I'm there religiously. But trying to remember to sign on etc., I'm just not there yet! lol... Maybe one day I finally will be!!
So onto my Fabulous Five Friday!!!

  • Met my $$ goal for my Step Out:Walk to Fight Diabetes event that will take place on October 19, 2008!
  • DS had a wonderful week at school - NO TEARS!!
  • New Underwriter position opened up in my department & I went for it! NO FEAR!!
  • My sister lost 2lbs this week, on her own without me beating her up against the head!! lol...
  • I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made!! Hmmm... did I use that one already!! Well you know what?! It never gets old!!! I am a child of the Most High! What can be more FABULOUS??!!
***Want to contribute to a wonderful cause, click here!!***

Have a Blessed Day!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday's Classics

Today is Children's Classics on I was excited about this Tuesday because I have a 4 year old (soon to be 5) who loves books as much as I do. So last night we sat down in front of his building book collection to pick out the books that he liked the best. Well the ones that he likes for me to read to him! lol...

Together we chose three. Although the 3 we chose are probably not considered "classics", but I do know I've read them several times & my son never tires of them. The best one, of the three, is "Sleepy head" by Karma Wilson and John Segal. It's an adorable rhyming book about a little bear who refuses to go to bed. Which reminds me so much of my own "little bear".

One of the first things that I like about this book is that the rhymes within the book repeat themselves. As my son reads along with me, I point out the words to him and by the time I'm into the rhyme a second time he already knows what I'm going to say. This gives me a way to allow him to "read the sentence" for me. lol... The pictures within the book are also vivid and extremely cute. I also like it because of it's simplicity - it's cute, it's short, it's adorable and fitting for bedtime (hence the name "Sleepy Head). :-)

I would recommend this book to any of my friends.

For other recommendations, check out 5minutesforbooks!

Happy Reading!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Almost Monday Madness

I say almost because I realized very early this morning that I was allowing the enemy to try and steal my joy. The bible is exactly right, the enemy comes to steal, kill & destroy and this morning he tried by way of my son. But I refused to allow my day to resort to anger and bitterness first thing in the morning! Or at all for that matter!!!
So both son and I are having a nice day today. Well I'm claiming it for both of us seeing that DS is in school right now.
Then I check my email & got a interesting message from Brook Noel in my inbox. It was titled "The Weekly Challenge for 9.7.08". It was full of so much information on making your daily life easier, that I thought I'd share it here. For more Brook Noel info click here. I'm all for making my life as simple as possible and adding a few of her suggested steps, I think, will add to the simplicity. Enjoy!!
In this Issue: 8 Ideas for Living each Day
With More Contentment and Happiness!

Your Weekly Challenge

8 Ideas for Living each Day
With More Contentment and Happiness!

Have you ever climbed into bed wondering, "Where did the day go?" Have you ever felt you were on a treadmill--trying to go "somewhere" that never arrives? In our busy world, we often find ourselves living on auto-pilot with one day blurring into the next.

Several years ago, I implemented the "8 Challenge Life Principles" into my daily routine. These Principles take very little time and are so simple to implement--you could start using them tomorrow if you like. The Principles have allowed me to realize great contentment, happiness and meaning in every day. The days of auto-pilot living have been replaced by purpose-filled living through the application of the Challenge Life Principles.

Challenge Life Principle 1 ~ Good Morning: The first thing I do after opening my eyes each morning is say (aloud or to myself): Something great is going to happen today--I can't wait to see what it is! When I started this practice, it was a bit awkward--perhaps, because I was at a low-point and didn't fully believe the words. I said it anyway. Every day! Soon after, great things started happening. Why? ... Because I was looking for them!

If we awake thinking about stressful events, the tough day ahead, everything we need to get done, we start the day "on defense." We prime our life for a stressful day--we expect it--and we usually find it. Even when little or large blessing bestow us, we often miss them. After all, we aren't look for blessings--we are looking for stress.

Starting my day with this affirmation has proven an effective method for turning my attention to blessings instead of barriers.

Challenge Life Principle 2 The 3-Step Action List: For those who have taken the Change Your Life Challenge: A 70 Day Life Makeover Program for Women, the 3-Step Action List will be familiar. Each day, I choose three to complete during the day that MAKE TODAY MATTER... even if everything else goes astray. We all know how life can interrupt our well-made to-do lists. Narrowing our focus to three priority action steps helps us focus and prioritize our day. The items on this list needn't be mountains to overcome or extremely time consuming; ... they simply need to MATTER and move us forward.

I began this practice when I realized how busy my life had become. I was always BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! Boy was I busy. What was even more amazing than how busy I was.....
is how LITTLE I was getting done! We often confuse BUSYNESS with ACTION! We can be very busy and not move forward. (Just look at a hamster!)

When we carefully choose 3 things that matter each day...we end up with over 1,000 things done each year! Things that matter! How many people can say this confidently: Last year I completed over 1,000 tasks that mattered or moved me forward... and I am doing it again this year.

You can have a mile-long to-do list if you like, but mark three things! Stay focused! Life will interrupt and when it does, you will be ready for it!

People often ask--what about when you are sick or not feeling well? I still have a 3 step list. Every single day! On those days, examples of 3 things I might choose to make the day matter and move me forward might be:

1. Take my vitamins
2. Get extra rest!
3. Feel good for taking care of myself.

Challenge Life Principle 3 ~ Each Day, LEARN or TRY something new.
This "something" can be little. You don't have learn a second language or anything, but each day learn something new, try something new, or see something you have not yet seen.

Examples include learning...
a new word...
a piece of trivia...
see something you haven't seen before on the drive home....
try driving a different route...
try a different store...
try a different recipe...
try a different type of book...
read a book on a topic that interests you...
do something fun...
finger paint...
make a snow angel...
stop and look at the sunset versus walking (or driving) past it...
go stand under a tree in your yard and look at it from below...
make up a constellation, try to find it every night...

We often get caught up in the same ol, same ol, and forget about how exciting each day can be (if we let it be)! When we learn, try or see something new, we awaken our senses to gather many of life's riches.

Challenge Life Principle 4 ~ At least once each day or twice if you are a parent, say YES instead of NO, or I CAN instead of I CAN'T.

NO and I CAN'T have become auto-responses for many of us.

Can you come make a snow angel?
No, I can't.
Can you play a game?
No, I can't.
Can you meet me for dinner?
Sorry, I can't, I'm busy.

While it is good to say NO to those who cross our boundaries, when we are with those in our inner circle, or with our self, we need to let go of these auto-barriers and say YES and I CAN!

I discovered this principle because I actually became tired of hearing myself say "no" to my daughter when she was younger. When she went through her "threes" she would ask if she could do something. I would say "no," on autopilot. She would ask: Why? I didn't have a good answer. Since "NO" didn't seemed to be a good reply, I tried "yes" instead.
By really being present and adding daily spontaneity, my life changed. What a magical world kids (and pets) live in! I was so happy to finally climb down from autopilot world and see that perspective!

Challenge Life Principle 5 ~ Enhance Your Immediate World: Whenever you leave the house---or come into contact with another person ask yourself: What can I do to make a positive difference?

My mom raised me with very few rules in our single parent home. However, one rule
she engrained (and boy did she engrain it LOL) was: Leave everything touch by you better than when you came into contact with it.

Now, she didn't mean be a perfectionist, what she meant, was to give within reason, to leave our special touch. Unfortunately, we live in a world where many people walk around and wonder.. "What's in this for me?" Today's high-expectation world is much different than the world of our great grandparents! When we begin looking for opportunities to give back in the littlest ways, we start a ripple effect.

Kindness is contagious--like the "smile syndrome." Have you ever noticed what happens when someone smiles at you? You smile back! This starts a chain. If everyone who read this today smiled at everyone they met (stranger or friends), can you imagine the smiles that would spread in a single day?

We can make the days a bit better through very simple actions. When you check out at the grocery store, instead of digging through your purse or checking your missed calls, why not sincerely engage the cashier? Whenever you pay for something, why not place the money in the person's hand and look them in the eye and smile? When a person is grumpy... Why not treat them even better? Resist the temptation to spread the negativity--it's too contagious to let into your life. Why not open the door for a stranger?
Why not take the other person's cart back to the store since you are walking that way anyway? Why not help someone with their extra bag on an escalator? (Thank you to all those who have helped me! LOL!) Why not do something kind, knowing that one simple act of kindness, creates waves.

Challenge Life Principle 6: Do a Nightly "Make Today Matter" check. When you are done with the day... BEFORE climbing into bed, ask yourself-- What is one more thing I can do to make today matter?

I started doing this after I lost my brother suddenly. I realized how magical each day was. Instead of putting something off for tomorrow, I embraced one last thing each day.
Some days, I would get online and find a site to email a solider. Just took 3-4 minutes.
Sometimes I would just get something ready for the next day. Sometimes I would make a quick call or jot a quick note. I took one last moment to appreciate and live that day before climbing into bed!

Challenge Life Principle 7: At Night.. Let it All Go!
While you are preparing for bed, think of all the things that happened that were stressful during the day. They have something to teach you-- even if you don't know what it is-- thank them, then LET THEM GO! (Thanking them doesn't mean you like them... and letting go doesn't mean you are happy about them.) Take any upsets and do the same.

Then take all the good things and wonderful things, be thankful for them, write them in your gratitude journal, and then let them go, too! It is VERY important to appreciate, remember, but let go. This allows us to focus fresh each day.

There is a quote, "Never let yesterday use up too much of today." We don't live in the past. When we accept and appreciate each day for everything it is or isn't... and then let it go, we clear ourselves to live fully the next day.

Challenge Life Principle 8 - End as You Began:
Once you are in bed, imagine yourself waking, saying your affirmation, identifying your list, moving smoothly throughout the day--feeling confident, feeling beautiful and strong.
Imagine yourself handling what needs to be handled, reacting in appropriate ways, handling any stressors with calm assurance.
Imagine yourself achieving your goals, interacting with others. See yourself having dinner, enjoying family. Then let your mind rest!!!!

Studies have shown time and time again that those who visualize the day ahead have a MUCH HIGHER success ration of achieving what they see. It is a science they actually study now in athletes. When compared groups who visualize versus practice for two hours do better in competition.

Living the life we want, living in contentment and happiness begins in our mind, and then in our choices. Each day we can choose auto-pilot or we can choose to enrich our lives.
We don't remember days, we remember moments. This Living the Challenge formula helps to turn off autopilot and plant seeds for wonder-filled moments.

Your Weekly Challenge: Try adding 1 of these simple routines do your day each week. Once you have one down, return to the list and add another.

Getting Back to the Goals

This is the first order of business in getting back to my goals. Get back in school Spring 2009!!! However, I have to create a study schedule & pass the Praxis I Exam first!

I will do this!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

It's a day early, but since I had some downtime this evening, I decided to write out my menu for the week a little early.

This week it's all about the clean up and clean out (freezer that is...) lol...

Monday: Taco Night w/ rice & beans (have tortillas to be eaten)

Tuesday: Kickin' Creamy Chicken Stew in a Slow Cooker using FROZEN chicken breasts w/ baked potatoes

Wednesday: Spaghetti w/ Turkey Meatballs

Thursday: Hot dogs & Hamburgers w/ salad & corn on the cob

Friday: Pizza Night

Saturday: Eat on the run (usually running errands)

Sunday: Not too sure yet. I've been cooking a lot extras lately, so it will probably be leftovers.

For more menu ideas check out I'm An Organizing Junkie!

Happy Eatings!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

See What I Can Do!!

Okay, so terrible shot of me (in the background), but an awesome shot of what a child can do when he puts his mind to something. And with the help of 3 other adults!! lol... I can admit that he did the "Lightening MacQueen" portion all by himself and the "Cars" symbol on top. And he's only 4!! lol... Well going on 5 soon. Who would have thought that he's take to putting together puzzles & actually liking it!!

How amazing are kids, huh? You just gotta love them!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fabulous Five Friday

It's Friday!! It's Friday!!!

Fabulous Five number ONE!!! IT'S FRIDAY!!! lol...

Number TWO -- IT's PAYDAY!!!! I'm on a roll here aren't I???

Number Three -- Per Doctor, I lost 5lbs!! WooHoo!!!

Number Four -- My child did not cry today when he had to go into school!!!

Number FIVE.... Drum Roll Please.... I am a child of the Most High & I Am Blessed and Highly Favored!!

Can I get an AMEN???

Stay Blessed and have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday's Tid-bit:

I think I tell everyone I know about this fabulous website! I absolutely love I think I'm addicted to this site. Where else can you get nutritional information, a place to track your food & workout plans & great support?? And it's ALL FREE!! Did you hear me?? FREE!!!

They are like the best little known secret in cyber world!! This site has helped me so much on my weight loss journey. This article found here is only one of the many reasons. Check out the website! Tons and TONS of information available to everyone!!!
Tips to Stay Full LongerBeat Hunger and Boost Satisfaction
-- By Becky Hand, Licensed & Registered Dietitian

SparkPeople Sponsors help keep the site free!-->
No doubt about it, hunger is unpleasant. In fact, it can be downright embarrassing when your tummy grumbles for your attention at the most inopportune times. When you’re watching your calorie intake to lose or manage your weight, there will be days when you might experience ongoing hunger, even when you’re eating at the top of your calorie range. It can be so distracting and debilitating that you’re ready to throw in the towel. If deprivation is what eating healthy is all about, then forget it! Not so fast. Don’t give up on your new way of eating until you add what could be the missing ingredient back into your eating and weight loss program.
What's the elusive “secret” to feeling fuller, longer?
Satiety. Satiety (sa-TIE-e-tee) is that wonderfully pleasant feeling of fullness you get as you eat, when you’re no longer hungry, but aren’t overly stuffed or uncomfortable. You are just satisfied beyond desire. The more satisfied you feel after a meal, the less you’ll eat later. So how do you increase satiety without eating MORE? When making food choices, it’s still important to meet the nutrition recommendations outlined in your SparkDiet. But if you’re having problems staying full, adjust your meals and snacks to incorporate these tips:

Eat More Low Density Foods
Calorie density refers to the number of calories per gram of food. Foods that are HIGH in calorie density contain a high number of calories per gram; foods that are LOW in calorie density contain a low number of calories per gram. Calorie density is the key to feel full without overeating. When you eat too many calorie dense foods, you’ll end up consuming a lot of calories to fill your belly. If you focus on low calorie density foods, you can fill up on fewer calories because low density foods contain a lot more water, which adds weight and volume to the food, but no calories.

Just drinking a glass of water along with the meal does not provide the same degree of satiety. Research has shown that to reduce hunger and boost fullness, the water has to be in the food. Why? Because there are separate mechanisms in the brain to control hunger and thirst. If the food you eat contains the water, it will stay in the stomach longer while the food is being digested. Beyond that, there is also the psychological component of eating food versus drinking water. When you eat food, even water-rich food, you get more sensory stimulation because you have more food going through your mouth and you’re eating for a longer period of time, both of which help you feel more satisfied with your meal. The following are all water-rich food choices with about 90% bound water. They can have a great impact on the calorie density of your diet.

EAT MORE broth-based soups like chicken broth and vegetable broth.
EAT MORE leafy greens like lettuce, baby spinach and mixed salad greens with fat-free dressing.
EAT MORE fruits like apples, blueberries, cantaloupe, grapefruit, oranges, peaches, strawberries and watermelon.
EAT MORE non-starchy vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes and winter squash.
TIP: Start your meal with a
bowl of broth-based soup or low-calorie leafy green salad to fill up on fewer calories. Turn to non-starchy vegetables when you get the munchies.

Fill Up on Fiber

Fiber contains only 1.5 to 2.5 calories per gram, while other carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram. Fiber-rich foods also necessitate more chewing and slow the passage of food through the digestive tract. The fiber in carbohydrates helps prevent those peaks and valleys in blood sugar levels that can cause cravings and poor food choices. They also may stimulate a satiety hormone in the brain.
EAT MORE fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables with skins, beans, lentils and legumes. Aim for 25-35 grams each day to help reduce your calorie intake and increase your satiety level.

TIP: Avoid refined carbohydrates (like white bread, white rice, white pasta and sugar). When eaten alone, refined and simple carbohydrates can wreak havoc on satiety by causing rises and falls in blood sugar which trigger hunger every few hours.

Lean on Protein
Studies suggest that protein appears to help prolong satiety more than carbohydrates or fat can. Continue eating the amount of protein that your SparkDiet recommends, since consuming even a little bit of protein with each of your meals and snacks will help you stay full. Meeting your protein needs is important, but eating more protein than your body needs will NOT boost your metabolism.
EAT MORE lean protein from meats, chicken, seafood, low-fat dairy, legumes, lentils and soy products.

TIP: Prepare your meat using low-fat cooking methods like grilling and baking.

Fit in the Fat
Cutting fat intake reduces the calorie density of a food. In other words, you get a bigger portion of food for the same calories when it has fewer fat grams. However, if you go too low in fat you won’t enjoy the flavor, texture or satiety of your food. Plus dietary fat is essential for staying healthy.
EAT ENOUGH fat to meet the fat recommendations in your SparkDiet. This will bring the pleasure and satisfaction back to your meals so you’re less likely to overeat later.

TIP: Eliminate fat where you don’t need it, opting for reduced fat foods instead of full fat versions. Select low-fat dairy products, low-fat salad dressings, low-fat mayonnaise, etc. and limit saturated and trans fats.

Go Nuts
Nuts have been shown to have a very positive impact on satiety because of their protein and fiber content. A SMALL handful of these nutritious nuggets will often hold you over until your next meal. Of course, portion control is important because nuts and seeds are high density foods.
Choose nuts like peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews and others. Even seeds make good choices.

TIP: Keep your portions in check! One serving of nuts or seeds is about the size of a golf ball.

Drink Up!
Drinking plain old water can help with your weight management program, especially if you are substituting calorie-containing beverages like regular soda, juice and sweetened coffee for water, which is healthy and calorie-free. For some people, drinking water throughout the day also keeps their hands busy so that they’re less likely to eat out of habit or boredom.

DRINK MORE water throughout the day, aiming for about 8 cups total. Some calorie-free beverages can make good choices, but moderation is important. Check out these beverage guidelines to meet your body’s needs.

TIP: Don’t drink your calories. Calories from beverages add up quickly and affect your weight. Most people don’t pay attention to the number of calories they drink, and that can hurt your weight loss efforts. Limit your intake of caloric beverages to less than 200 calories each day, and be sure to add these calories to your Nutrition Tracker.

Make It Work

Now that you know which foods have the staying power, it is important to spread these satisfying foods throughout the day into designated meals and snacks. Then you’ll be reaping the benefits all day long. Even better, slow down and savor every bite. Research has shown that it can take 20 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that you have reached satiety. So take your time and enjoy every delicious bite along the way. Get in touch with your satiety center by giving your stomach time to signal your brain that you have had enough to eat, and by selecting the right kinds of foods when you do eat. Finding ways to feel fuller while eating fewer calories—now that’s the secret to success!
Article created on: 3/4/2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday's Classics

Well during this Classics Bookclub series we read "Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Okay, so my English Literature professor would be disappointed that this was my first time reading this novel! Especially since I graduated with my BA in English! lol... What can I say, have a kid & life kind of turns upside down.
And even though I'm not a book reviewer, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I think it still remains a classic because it still touches that spot romantic spot in all of us! I would even read lines from the book to my husband, who (bless his heart) , would actually sit and listen to me. lol... Now is that love or what?? Just like Lizzy and Mr. Darcy!!
I do have to admit, the story line did get a bit long for me a times (maybe because I read before bed), but it will definitely be one that I revisit again!! Check out other reviews here.