Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Into Cleaning - Part 2

Well sort of. It's afternoon and I have every intention of organized today! Just not quite yet. Yesterday we had the Sip & See for Ms. Nia and it was a wonderful event. We ate and enjoyed ourselves. Myself included (without any guilt). How could I possibly deprive myself of such goodies as:
Breakfast Bars
Monkey Bread
Chili Bar (chili, rice, cornbread, crackers)
Spicy Cheeseburger Dip
Pepperoni Rolls with sauce
Lemon Bars
All such deliciousness shared with family and friends, welcoming my baby girl into the world.

I spent the morning cleaning up what I didn't get to last night and now I'm relaxing with a cup of java. I'm allowing the thoughts that are running through my head (goals, plans and schedules) to process before I get to work. I have two more weeks of maternity leave left and I want to use them wisely. I still plan on ending this year on an awesome note!! A focused mind, renewed spirit and 20lbs lighter.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall into Cleaning

My goal today is decluttering. Going through the massive piles of papers and magazines that seem to have taken over the corners in our home. Old workout magazines that I've read and held on too and old cookbook magazines that hold recipes I swear I'm going to use. ***Sigh*** They all must go. This in addition to the cleaning spree that will commence over the next two days in time for the meet and greet (aka Sip & See) for the Little Miss.
So no more stalling on the computer checking email, facebook, reading blogs and writing blogs. I'm such a creator of procrastination, but I know I can do it. I have no choice. I've pulled the piles out of their corners and put them in plain sight. Lol.. Can't have that at the Sip & See now can we?? Pray for me!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

And then there were 3

I remember people telling me that you're not a true parent until you have more than one kid. Lol... Boy oh boy, how I truly relate to that now. I thought I had it down. I was juggling the household, working full-time and being a Mom to two rambunctious boys with no problem. Add in a few days a week, step-Mom to my beautiful step-daughters. Then the Lord thought my husband and I needed a new spin on things. Enter our newest addition, Little Ms. Nia Rose. :) 
I'm declaring this a weekend of rest in a vain attempt to regain some of my lost sanity. Lol... I've been searching the Internet for organizational tips to now better manage my home and just life in general. And here I thought I had it all together. (nope)!! Does anyone? If you do, please tell me how you do it??!! Keep in mind, I work outside the home and kids are 5 weeks, 23 months and 7yo. When we do have the girls (my steppies) they're 10 and 14. Whew!!!