Thursday, March 7, 2013

Good #HelloMorning!

Truly my soul silently waits for God; from Him comes my salvation.  ~ Psalm 62:1

Blog Hop from week 5 of the Let.It.Go bible study with Melissa Taylor. I can admit, I opted for the quick and easy. Not that I'm trying to avoid getting down and deep during this bible study - I actually love it and am gaining a lot (from what I've gotten in so far - I'm a bit behind). When I saw the first topic about quiet time, I was like the Staples motto "That was easy". 

I'm in my second session with the Hello Mornings Challenge. I'm also following along with the Abounding Hope bible study with my Hello Mornings group. The challenge supplies accountability to those of us who need extra encouragement to get up in the mornings for quiet time with the Lord. Is it easy - most days not so much. But I find that once I'm up and moving, I start my day so much better when I have my time with the Lord. I pour out my heart and my prayers and blessing - grounding me for the day. Or at least until one my 3 munchkins tip toes in to the living room to cuddle with Mommy or ask Mommy questions. Such is life. But even in those moments in the early mornings - I find lately, I don't mind so much. My early morning quiet time has also taught me what I once thought to be an interruption are my many blessings (I count and thank the Lord for 3 each morning). :)