Friday, August 24, 2012


Five Minute Friday

That's what I've been doing this week. Searching. Surfing and perusing the internet looking for anyone of like minds and situations. Because of course I'm the only one who is going through my situation, right? I'm a Mom of 3 (two under 3), step Mom of 4, wife, child of God and to top it all off, I work outside of the home. ***Sigh*** What is a woman to do. Can I really do it all? Was I called to do this???
So in all my searching, I find that I'm also joining. No longer sitting back and reading and wishing I had enough courage to step out there and tell my story. I'm joining up. Like this Five Minute Friday. I've read about it. Found it quite interesting. But thought, do I really want to put my writing out there. Do I really want to put my blog out there. Crazy, I know... But here I am. Joining... Partipating. Just like with my new "Hello Morning" group. But I love it. I love the sense of community. Meeting with like minded minds when I feel so alone in my journey most of the time. I'm sure there are others who can relate, but everyone I see just seems to have everything together. Are there any others out there? Some who don't exactly have it "all together". Lol... I can admit... I'm a work in progress. And I'm learning to embrace my own journey.



  1. Tameka,
    Welcome to Five Minute Friday. I'm glad you joined. You're my link-up neighbor, and I'm certain it's more than proximity that brought me here. May God bless you in your searching...I know what that's like..."is there anyone else out there like me?"
    I hope to read more from you.
    Keep writing.
    God's peace and good to you.

  2. You know what? I think we tend to think that everyone else has it all together, except us. But oh... that is so not true! I'm a work in progress, too!

  3. Tameka I'm so glad that you threw caution to the wind to join! It really is a ton of fun! You'll find it's not so much about the writing (although you'll find it changes as you do grows with you) but about the joining. I'm also glad you stopped by to pay me a moms-of-seven have to stick together! ;)

    Mindy @ New Equus - a New Creation

  4. Hand up in the group the definitely does NOT have it all together! I'm so glad you joined up... getting out any writing in these years of the bitties is an achievement! And it's hard to hit the publish button on most days (at least I think so), so consider that your act of bravery for the day.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog today. I sure hope I didn't convey anything insulting, but I made a longer comment regarding that on my post... Much love to you!

  5. Love this! Thank you for stopping by today!!