Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The New Me?

My time to sit down and actually write a blog are few and far between. With working full time (outside of the home), taking care of 3 active kids and balancing a home - I find I have little time to sit, let alone write. However, I find today to be one of those rare occasions where instead of mindlessly checking out the latest face book updates or flipping through countless pins (that I never seem to use), I decided to write.

Well actually, that's not what prompted it. What prompted this was my Google search of the word "Exhaustion". Quite simple - that's how I feel. Totally and utterly exhausted!! What clued me in? Well, besides my life in general. I have an event coming up in May that had (key word there) me all excited and determined to get my act together. At least 10-15 pounds gone, transitioning hair kept up and daily intentions set (and completed). I'm laughing now as I type this because it's day 2 and well - I Googled "Exhaustion" - need I say more?! Anyways, my search returned an interesting word that just stood out to me... FRAZZLE.


So of course the next word I Google? Frazzle....

Verb: Cause to feel completely exhausted; wear out...

Hmm... Mom of 3, oldest is in school with activities after, littlest ones are 3 and 1... Work full time... Blah... Blah... Blah...  

Noun: The state of being completely exhausted or worn out: "I'm tired, worn to a frazzle".

I think Frazzle is my word of the day!!

But get this, not only did I Google the word, I also Googled the image. And I have to say - I probably do look like this to my kids...

LOL... I guess this guy is from Sesame Street? My kids are more Disney and Nick Jr than PBS. :) But if this is what I turned into - some changes need to be made and fast!! Praying Day 3 brings renewed energy or at least another good laugh!! :)

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