Monday, May 4, 2009

Been a while

It's been quite a while actually. Sometimes I even forget that I have this blog until I need something AND then I remember that I blogged about it. Lol...

The last blog was a review about the Left Behind Series. Let's see... I have since moved on to Book Three, which means I have some serious updating to do around my blog here. I wish I could have been done with the series, but have since found out some interesting news. It seems the hubby and I are expecting a new bundle of joy. Our estimated due date is the first week of November. Needless to say, it was a nice shock to my system. I was actually planning on being sexy, fit and fine this summer. :-) I had my bikini all planned out!! :-) Lol... Well, some good dreams do die out fast, don't they?! Any who, it seems like my skinny bikini will have to wait until summer of 2010. For now I'm concentrating on being healthy & fit and experiencing a good pregnancy.

Hopefully next time it won't take me so long to blog again. I mean, I did start this blog to get me writing again. Baby steps.... Where is Melissa and her writing club when you need her???

Stay Blessed!

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