Monday, May 18, 2009

15 weeks & 3 Days...

Okay, so the picture is still not me, but I'm guessing that's what he looks like in there. :) My photo will soon come in another 3 weeks or so!! But on to good news updates...

Blood pressue is good!!

I only gained 2lbs in 2 weeks!! Whew... I think I held my breathe while I was on the scale! Lol....

And the best news of all!! Nice soild heartbeat!!! Even now, just hearing that sound is amazing!!! :)

So as my doctor said to me as we finished up, "Everything is ALL GOOD!" :)

Other than that... in a few more weeks and I'll know if all this praying for a boy has worked!! My poor baby boy. If he does NOT have a baby "brothur", he's going to be crushed! Just plain crushed!! He specifically asked God for a "baby brothur". So let's keep our fingers crossed!

Stay Blessed!!!

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