Monday, June 1, 2009

17 Weeks & 3 Days

17 weeks and 3 Days and all is progressing well. Again, this is not a picture of my little "guy" or "gal". For those of you who have asked, I will be finding out (if the little one cooperates) if it's a he or she next Tuesday! FINALLY!!! All the suspense has been killing the family - including me!!! :)

All good news with today's visit. Blood pressure is good, heartbeat was nice and strong and the best part - my weight stayed the same!!! ;) Lol...

The only bit of discouraging news was discussing a VBAC with my ob. I already kind of knew that he would prefer that I just schedule another C Section, but after watched "The Business of Being Born" over the weekend, I actually felt motivated to push this kid out naturally. Watching the movie was a real eye-opener for me. Of course, my ob did say that it was my choice - I'd just have to jump through all the legal red tape of it all. I left his office with plenty to think about, I'll say that much. I still have 23 more weeks. I think that's enough time to gather more information and pray on things.

Stay Blessed!!

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