Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Challenge... Of sorts.

So I have this problem. I love to books. I mean, really love books! Call me a nerd or what have you, but I love bookstores and the library. I can walk through them aimlessly just reading titles and checking out different ones. Lately I've gotten into the world of book blogs and reading about the different new releases (and some old releases) out there. I find that I'm always jotting down my next "new read".  I've also downloaded Amazon Kindle & BN ereader onto my laptop, as well as onto my Ipod touch. It doesn't help me much, that both sites have tons of free downloads. Lol... At least this way, I can throw my Ipod into my pocketbook and have a book with me at all times. It doesn't matter if I have a chance to read or not - just the thought that I have it with me is comfort enough. Lol...

Anyway, the other day I was checking out my upstairs bookshelves and the over flow of books that I have stashed on them. Even I had to stop and shake my head because I don't think I've read even half of the books on one bookshelf (and I have two of them in the bedroom). Well, that started me to thinking - I really need to read the books that I actually have and stop investing in new ones.  And thus begins a new mid-year challenge. My goal is to tackle at least one of the two bookshelves by end of this year.  Here is just an idea of what I'm working with:
I also have some library books to finish up as well:

Here is my challenge in a nutshell. Some "to read" list huh? Although some books I have read, although that list is limited. Another interesting twist to this self-imposed challenge is that some of the books on my shelves are bible studies, self-help and writing books. Most of these books require me to do some writing, thinking and well... mental work.

Another fun twist? I have a one more distraction...

I know he looks adorable and innocent, but don't let this face fool you. But even with his baby charm, I'm determined to get through those books! Wish me luck!

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