Friday, November 21, 2008

I sound my Barbaric Yulp!!

Fat Ticker Friday WI - 140lbs!!

Back up again!!!

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November 21, 2008.... from Brook Noel

Good Morning "There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day."--Alexander Woolcott

I love this quote by Woolcott, because it is a reminder to me that every day is very important--no matter what the day holds. Often, we believe that only the days holding significant events are important. We forget that even the simplest and unstructured days are important, too. Each day etches a slice into our history. And besides, we never know what can happen in a day! Even a quiet, unscheduled day, can bring a revelation.

Your Turn: Let each day unravel and reveal itself to you, without your deciding whether it is important or not. You will likely be pleasantly surprised by all the magic contained within a twenty--four hour period.

Today's Affirmation: I seize the day!


Today's quote reminded me of the quote from Dead Poets Society - I SOUND MY BARBARIC YULP!! lol... Seize the day!!! lol....

Well many of you know that yesterday was my little man's birthday & we had a blast!!! He was KING for the day and he lived up to each and every part of it! lol... I was even able to live through his eyes & it felt great to be a kid again. But at the above quote says - why not choose to be that way EVERY day??!! lol... Why wait for a birthday or anniversary to make the day important??!! Choose today! lol... So it's Friday & I'm checking out my weekly workout routine - let's just say that I attempted it. lol... Per today's "unofficial" weigh in I'm going in the WRONG direction. Guess with all the running around & baking (lol) etc., I haven't been doing as great as I thought. But today is YOU-TURN day!!! lol... It gives me a few days to correct what's gone wrong!! lol... I SOUND MY BARBARIC YULP!! lol... SEIZE TODAY!!!

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30 Minute Walk Daily - only got in 2 days this week!!

Week of 11/17 - 11/23

~Mon - 30 Day Shred & Push up challenge test #1 [X]

~Tues - W3D1 C25K Challenge & Push Up Challenge [X]

~Wed - Yoga & Celebrity Fitness workout [X]

~Thurs - W3D2 C25K Challenge [Okay, arthritis got the better of me last night! Only got in 15 minutes] Goal almost met!!! [X]

Push Up Challenge [Didn't meet this one - will definitely be repeating Week 3 next week]

-- Now the weekend is upon us. 3 more days to go!!!

~Fri - 30 Day Shred

~Sat - W3D3 C25K Challenge & Push Up Challenge [DS birthday party this day - wish me luck!!!]

~Sun - Yoga

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  1. oh boy, that's ok! we've all had weeks like that! sounds like you've got a good plan though!! happy birthday to the little man!!