Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 Update

Wow, didn't realize that I didn't update this blog. Oops...

Introducing Noah Wallace Cathey. Born October 30, 2009. He entered this world at 7:55am. Okay, so the time is a bit fuzzy. You'll forgive me, it wasn't a pleasant morning. Whoever said that planned c-sections were better... NOT!!! Good thing he is my last! I think a half dozen kids is MORE than enough. Lol... Don't you?!

So here is my baby...

Well of course in the above picture he was 4 weeks old. And as of Friday Jan 8th he is 10weeks old. And for 10wks I've missed sleep so much!!! :) But it comes with the territory. He's a joy and we love him.
Now that I'm back to work, my goal is to establish some sort of regular routine. I'm ready to get back into my bible study/reading (I plan on reading through the bible again this year), get rid of debt (Coupons here I come! I'm learning a lot about couponing lately) and get rid of this baby fat (back to the gym - I go).
Happy New Year!!!

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