Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hot for the Holidays Friday

I wish I could get better at this weighing in on Friday's. lol... But I did weigh in 2lbs lighter. On Friday morning that is... Tomorrow night is Weight Watchers weigh in, so I'm hoping to get the same results. Although with eating at Taco Bell tonight, I might not get that same result. lol...

I am going into this week better prepared though. I went to the grocery store and brought all Weight Watcher friendly snacks and lunches and then last night I sat down and planned out a new workout rotation that will take me through the next six weeks. I have an array of exercise DVDs and I figured it's time to start really using them, especially with the cooler days ahead.

This week's rotation is:
Monday - Hi Def Sculpt
Tuesday - Turbo Jam 20 minutes & Ab Jam
Wednesday - Hard Core Fusion
Thursday - Hi Def Sculpt
Friday - Tae Bo Live
Saturday - Cardio Overdrive

I'm hoping that with this new rotation I will be able to jump start my weight loss & get myself back into working out again - the summer months have left me a bit lazy.

For this weeks questions, I really didn't get to take new pictures, but I'm hoping I can still reflect the answers in some that I already have...

Take pictures of the following things and you can have any interpretation you want:
1. Someone or something that inspires you.

2. Something that you love to do.

3. Something that makes you crazy.

4. Something healthy in your life.

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  1. congrats on your loss this week!!! and great pictures!!! (love the what makes you crazy one!)