Friday, October 24, 2008

Fat Ticker Friday!!!

It's that time again!! I always seem to do so well by Friday & then come Monday night weigh in at Weight Watchers, I'm back up!!! Grrr.... I have to get my weekend eating under control!! You would think I'd be perfect knowing that I'd have to weigh in on Mondays! BUT NOOOO... I'm out and about & eating on the run almost the entire weekend!!

So my goal this weekend is to stay within range!! And to try my best not to go over my additional 35 flex points. I'm already about 15 or so in already!!! lol...

My ultimate goal is to be to my final goal weight by Thanksgiving & maintain throughout the holidays!! I'm about 9.8lbs out!! But I know it can be done!!!

So for today I'm still hanging tough and teetering between 140 and 139! Needless to say, I'm sick of the teetering & am determined to break free of this mini plateau!!

Hope everyone else over at Hot for the Holidays did better than me!!! Who is the Biggest Loser this week???

This week's question from Christie O:

It's Show and Tell Friday here for HFH this week! What do you have to share? A recipe? A tip? A favorite DVD workout you wanna tell everyone about? Do share and link it up!

My show and tell for the week...
1. Plan out my weekly goals - food and exercise.
2. Check in daily to (love... love... love that website!!)
3. Right now doing 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels - extreme 20 minute workout!!! It hurts so good!!!
4. Music is my lifesaver on the treadmill & elliptical!!
5. I recently started making crock pot oatmeal - it makes enough for the entire week. No full recipe - I always google it & try whatever comes up!!!

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Yep, weekends are a KILLER!!! But, stay strong. You can do this!!!

  2. "It hurts so good!" I love that, I'm totally going to have to use that phrase now.

    Good luck staying good over the weekend!

  3. crock pot oatmeal! that's awesome, i'm gonna have to try that! great tip! still, awesome that you're in the 30's. i'm hovering just above that and i think i might do something drastic this week just to kickstart my metabolism. Like all lean and plain everything and major workouts. and definitely gonna try your oatmeal!

  4. I am teetering from 150 to 149. I hate it! I cannot seem to get below that. So I kind-of know how you are feeling. I think I need to get music for my elliptical - thanks for that tip! I also own the 30 day shred work out video & haven't done it yet. I might just have to try that also. Thanks! Good Tips.