Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trying to change the Woe-As-Me to Won-Derful-Me

The Big Question
"If you don’t change your thoughts your life will be this forever. Is that good news?” -Dan Miller, Releasing Principles for Work/Life Excellence!
Good morning! This morning’s quote is quite a reality check and eye-opener isn’t it? Odds are when you read it, you had an immediate reaction…either positive or “Oh, no!” The quote is so true though: our thoughts become our actions and our actions become our history and our history becomes our legacy. Given that this begins with thought, what type of legacy are you creating?
What have your recent daily thought patterns been like? Are you feeling mostly positive and influencing those around you in positive ways? Have you been somewhat self-absorbed, missing chances to help others? Are you wrapped in negativity or stress without a plan to break free?
Your Turn: What was your reaction to today’s quote? Use the self-check technique of auditing your thinking each hour on the hour if you want to answer today’s questions differently.
Today’s Affirmation: I control my thoughts; they are positive and supportive to myself and others.
Pretty much in a bad way this morning and steadily praying for a better afternoon. Just all the "blahs" that could possibly hit you as once - hit me this AM.
Like the picture - that's all I want to do today - stuff my face!!!
And lookie at today's quote from Brook. A quick chuckle for me this morning, but not enough to break the funk just yet. I did say 'YET"!! Guess I'll be using her self check method today!!
What's funny is, when everyone is so used to you being the cheerleader/ all smiles person - when you're so not in that mode they all want to know "What's Wrong??"... "What Happened".... "Are You Okay??" And I know they mean well (and by "they", I mean my lovely co-workers). lol... But in the back of my mind I keep wondering - aren't I allowed to have a day off? lol... I suppose not.
I'm praying that things lift up by the afternoon.
Hopefully I'll stay clear of all junk food, but I do tend to be an emotional eater!!
Pray for my will power today!!!

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