Friday, October 17, 2008

Fat Ticker Friday!!!

Weighing In for Fat Ticker Friday...

I'm down to 139.4 - WOOHOO!! Still hanging in the upper 130s and low 140s. I still see my goal in sight though!!

Our Question of the week from Christie was:

So remember our question for this week? About your favorite and least favorite body parts or rather, what you'd like to work on? What are they???

Let's see fave body part: Recently this has been my arms. I'm seeing more definition and toning in my biceps and even in my shoulders. All those push-ups I've been doing with the 30 Day shred. ;-)

Least Fave: The thighs - have to say that I'm still not digging the rubbing together of the inner thighs! lol... BUT I have been doing some "thigh dancing" compliments of Kelly Ripa showing me these workouts from Physique 57!! And these moves really do work wonders.

I hope everyone else is still getting HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!

Stay Blessed!!!


  1. Thighs are evil. At least mine are! :o)

  2. Great job - and thanks for the encouragement!!! I really needed it!

    Yeah, thighs ... baaaaad

    And, how very brave of you to put your ACTUAL WEIGHT on here ... I am impressed:)

  3. Way to go girl!!! I hope to be brave enough to put my weight down on my blog. Maybe one day.....

    Thanks for stopping by. Keep trying to get even hotter!!!


  4. Great job!! I can't wait to see the 130's!! Hopefully soon though. Keep up the great work!

  5. Great job! I hate my thighs too! I'll have to check out "thigh dancing".

  6. i so hear you on the thigh thing -- mine are like siamese twins! they don't know life without each other -- and i'm hoping to change that!

    anyway, great job on the 130's -- that's my goal, i'm almost there! congrats to you!