Friday, October 3, 2008

Over! Over! OVER!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!

And Friday is finally here!! Whew!! I couldn't wait for this week to be over. Don't know why, but it felt like the longest week in history!!!

So since it's Friday I decided to do my fab five for the week and hopefully up my mood!!

1. Weighed in at WW and I'm down 2.6lbs!!

2. Stayed with my WW pts pretty much all week, which is a big feat from last week where I even ran out of my 35 flex pts! lol...

3. Worked out EVERY DAY this week so far! WOOHOO!!

4. Still working on it, but got up three morning and spent some awesome time with the Lord.

5. IT'S FRIDAY!! WOOHOO and IT'S PAYDAY!!! :-) I'm taking the little one and we're hitting the Christmas Tree Shop and Party City to rack up on some Halloween decor and his Halloween costume!! Plus maybe a couple new outfits for Mommy over at K & G - they're having a sale and I loves me a sale!!! lol...

It's also FAT TICKER FRIDAY over at Baby Tea Leaves!! The weigh in day is different from WW - it's today. So I did weigh in this morning and I'm down to 139.6. WOOHOO!! I'm doing a mini happy dance because I'm finally.... FINALLY out of the 140's!! And from last Friday that would put me down 3lbs. So a little more added on since my WW weigh in on Monday.

Christie also asked what was our push it moment this week??

Mine was just putting on the workout gear when I got home from work!! It was all mental!!! Every day I just had to put on the sweats and tell myself that I WILL workout!! Even though every inch of me wanted to just veg out in front of the TV. So I guess I had a push it moment every evening this week! lol... It did help that on Sunday, I planned the dinner for the week AND my workouts for the week - so part of my mental battle was that I had no excuses!!!



  1. WOW!!! A NEW DECADE!!! Oh how I am salivating over getting to the 30's!!! (I went up this week, a little farther into the 40's than I was hoping but oh well, there is still time!)

    Great job!! And great job this week pushing it! Preparation is the key to success and it looks like you're doing that! Awesome! Now go hit some sales!

  2. Wow! You are doing awesome. Congrats on your weight loss!

  3. I am so jealous you are down in the 130's ... that is my next decade down. Although I just barely got into the 140's. Anyway! Great Job! I need to get motivation to work out after work. That's where I am getting stuck. Sounds like it can be done!

  4. Great job!!! Keep up the great work.