Thursday, July 31, 2008

Commute Epiphany

My mind tends to wonder on my commute to work. Usually during this time, I turn to the local Christian station and listen to the Word on my way to and from work. However, today's ride to work just plagued me with guilty feelings and uneasiness.

See my son's day care was closed down by the state and since Tuesday of this week, my SIL agreed to watch him. Well at least until his Grandma comes back from vacation. I figured it was a blessing in disguise since he could go to my SIL and play with his cousins all day. Well today (just2 days into things), he didn't want to go. On the way there in the car, he pouted and pouted and when we got to her house, he stood in the door and watched me leave. Oh, it just broke my heart. But please tell me, what's a Mom (who has to work) supposed to do?

Well it became clear to me on my ride into work that Moms were meant to be home with their children. I felt it so strong in my spirit that I've become determined to figure out a way that I can be there for my son on a daily basis. Don't really know how I will do it since my husband just started his business and I carry the health insurance & majority of the finances right now, but in the Lord's will - there is a way.

I know my first step will be to organize all my writings and books because I'm sure between the two of them I can bring in a small income. I figure with the cost of commuting, gas prices and having to pay someone else to watch my child - by the time I get my check it's half gone anyway.

Organization was part of my August goals. Well now more than ever, I need it. Currently, I have so many planners, notebooks and binders every where that I'm running out of space. Not to mention that there are more in boxes that I have yet to unpack.

I found two daily planner systems that may work for me. Some how I need to put them both together so that I can organize myself & get things together. Then I need to get busy researching stay at home options. If it's in the Lord's will, I know I'll be at home with my son.
Be Blessed.

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