Thursday, July 3, 2008

Leaving A Legacy - Life List

Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life.Bertolt Brecht

So now I finally have some where I can put my Life List!! I pray that this will make me more accountable to crossing things off!! I already can cross off one item - "Start & Keep a running blog of my journey"! Check mark!!!

I have to admit, this list is well over 100 things long. BUT! I have faith that I will accomplish at least half of these items in my life time.

This also flows into the 30 Day challenge which I will update later on this afternoon. Day 3 talks about leaving a legacy. This may not be a full legacy, but I pray that it will get me started. Some things are listed on the side bar. But here are the rest! I will update as things are checked off!!!

So what's your legacy?

Life List
Create a Back Yard Retreat
Dance before the Lord (Mt Aery Spiritual Dancers)
Do 100 regular push-ups
Do 5 one arm push-ups (G.I Jane style)
Do 50 chin-ups
Either loose the Baby Pooch or come to terms with it
Finish Nicolas' Baby Book
Get another tattoo - preferable a Butterfly
Get out of Corporate America
Give back to my Alma Mater
Give Up Pretending for good!!
Go away to B&B on the beach, by MYSELF (3 nights minimum)
Go Camping
Go Dancing
Go Hiking
Go horse back riding
Go on a Romantic Picnic
Go on an All Christian Women's Retreat (Joyce Meyers, TD Jakes)
Go on Vacation By Myself
Go Skiing
Go to a Broadway Play or Musical
Go to Proverb's 31, She Speaks Conference
Grow out my relaxer & wear hair naturally
Have a career that I'm passionate about
Have an 80's theme party
Have an At Home Gym complete with Treadmill, Elliptical & TV/DVD for videos
Join a Woman's Bible Study Group
Learn Capoeira
Learn how to Step - Chicago Style
Learn to Forgive and Move on
Learn to swim
Live in a Neighborhood like the one I grew up in
Maintain a healthy weight (preferable goal weight of 130)
Memorize Bible Verses important to me
Mentor young girls
Own my OWN home
Participate in an American Diabetes Assoc. Event
Participate in at least ONE Written Word
Pet a dolphin
Read a minimum of 10 books on the New York Times Best Seller List
Read ALL of my books in full
Read all of the literature classics
Read the Entire Bible in 1 Year
Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
Run a mile in 10 minutes or less
Save enough money to retire comfortably
See Nicolas graduate from College!!
Show Nicolas the world
Stay at a 5 Star Resort
Stick around to watch my grandchildren grow up
Study & Learn all the Women of the Bible
Take a Belly Dance class
Take a Bikram Yoga Class
Take a class at Physique 57 in New York
Take a karate class
Take a Photography Class
Take a Pole Dance class
Take a positive stand for something I believe in
Take a summer vacation - EVERY summer - 2 week minimum!!
Take a Tap or Jazz Class
Take a walk on a moonlit night, hand in hand, with someone I love
Take Morning Prayer Walks
Take Mother/Son Get-away
Take my Mom & Sister on a Mother/Daughter Cruise
Take Nicolas to visit FAMU
Take piano lessons (again)
Teach a College Course
Travel - (Cross country; Italy; Africa; Australia; Islands (any of them))
Treat myself to an ALL DAY Spa Retreat
Turn a Cart Wheel
Visit a nice Jazz Club
Visit the top of the Empire State Building
Write a Hallmark Card
Write and Publish a Novel

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