Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thirty Day Challenge

I am taking the 30 day challenge for the "One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life" by Kerry & Chris Shook. They challenge you to be brutally honest with yourself for the next 30 days and live as if you had one month to live. Their book is divided into 4 sections: to live passionately, to love completely, to learn humbly, and to leave boldly... I will be checking in to answer questions and to journal the journey!!

Day One - July 1st

1. As quickly as possible, without thinking too hard or too long, make a list of five things you'd change about your life if you knew you only had a month to live. Choose at least one to begin changing today, right now.
**laugh more worry less about little things spend more quality time with family less negative talk seek the Lord more

2. Describe how you would like your life to be different at the end of reading this book. What drew you to open these pages in the first place? What's going on in your life now that has prepared you to think about who you are and why you're here?
**To be more centered on the more important things in life. I was drawn to the "no regrets" portion of the title - who wouldn't want to live a life of no-regrets. What's going on with my life? I'm not getting any younger. I have a little one at home & want to provide the best example for him that I can.

3. Tell at least one other person - friend, family member, or co-worker - that you're reading this book. Ask that person to circle on the calendar the date for one month from today and to ask you then how your life has changed.
**I've told my best friend Jenn & a co-worker, Patty

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