Wednesday, July 23, 2008


What an entire new concept for me. STAYCATION... I'm so used to just getting up and going, but it's been a while. Actually, I can't remember the last vacation I had - honeymoon really doesn't count for me - that was re coop from the wedding!! lol...

So the family and I have decided to do the "staycation" thing this week. I planned and planned and planned some more. I had the perfect vacation spots picked out - locally of course. I even stayed up, online, all night trying to find the best deal on a 1 night stay (away) at a hotel (this was my treat - to be away from home). This morning we wake up to RAIN!!! And not just rain that will pass, but by several different meteorologists accounts, this rain will be hanging out with us for the ENTIRE week and weekend!!!

After much huffing and puffing - I caved to something that I have no control over and realized that it's in the Lord's hands. Can't cry over something like the weather - just have to pick up and keep moving on. And that's just what we plan to do. Sure, I'm hurt that my plans have to be altered (everything I planned to do was outdoors, amusement park... beach...), but in the long run I realize it's about creating a fun atmosphere for the kids. We will have ALL of them except for the oldest (that's 4 kids)! I promised them a fun time & I won't allow even the RAIN to change those plans!!

We're off for a rainy and FUN staycation!!


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  1. Dear Tameka,

    I hope you are having a great "staycation"! What an awesome idea!

    I also loved reading your life list from a few days ago.

    Keep staying committed and positive and focused on the Lord. You are an inspirtation to us!

    Much Love,