Wednesday, August 20, 2008

10 Day Challenge

It's about 10 or so days until September 1st and a brand new month. So during these next days I decided to undergo a 10 Day challenge from my team & add my own twist too it.

Here is the 10 Day Challenge portion...

N = 5 servings of fruits/veggies daily
E = Your own exercise challenge, please state it in the challenge thread that I'll post for this challenge. That's only going to be for those who commit to this challenge, like a pledge thread for the 10 days. We'll use the NEW SPARK Chat!!! thread for all the posting on how we're doing in the challenge.
W = 8 8oz glasses of h2o daily
S = 10-15 minutes of Sunlight, daily
P = Pray/Meditate as much as you can/want.
A = 10-15 minute of fresh air, daily
R = Rest, 8 hours of sleep, and here's the bonus, every hour of sleep before midnight will count as 2 hours. So if you want to be up longer, do it on the other side of midnight, LOL or just get 8 hours for sure!
K = Don't overdo anything, sleep, staying awake, food, dessert, whatever it is, KEEP TEMPERATE/ KNOW when to STOP!

For those of you who walk in the open air... you knock out the E, S, A of NEW SPARK in one shot. Let's make use of the sun while we have it during the summer because when that cold air comes we make all kinds of excuses and the sunlight really benefits us in so many ways!

My twist is a 7 day detox that I found online & it's rather simple. Tomorrow will be Day 1 and I will basically be eating fruit all day. That is Day 1 - eat fruit! Pretty easy. There is also a soup that I was supposed to make, but I won't be able to buy the ingredients until tomorrow.

Onward & Forward!!

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