Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thursday's Tid-Bit

I swear I have a small addiction to the Internet. I get on and I just research whatever comes to mind and usually this takes me to other ideas and then more ideas until most times, my brain goes into information over load! lol... Today I wanted to research a simple detox plan that I could easily incorporate into my life over the next 10 days. Well, I did succeed in finding a simple plan, but I also found something of more interest. It was researched under different titles and names, "God's 8 Health Laws", "New Start", "God's Plan" and I'm sure I can find some more out there. As a Christian woman, I find the principles intriguing and they make a lot of sense.

Here is a short summary:

An abiding faith in our loving God will help you! He has made every provision to forgive and cleanse all our past mistakes. He will give power to break harmful addictions and help us overcome bitter and angry attitudes that 'eat us up' inside. If we are 'Willing to be made willing'—He will work with us, take away our love for sinning and make us free in Him, His happy, obedient children—Ask Him!
Pure fresh air is very important! That means good air with lots of oxygen. Walking in forests and nature is great! Do deep breathing exercises daily, in the morning. Even in winter have windows open a little and air rooms daily. Avoid smoke, chemicals, 'Air fresheners', sprays and aerosols. Do not remain in the presence of someone smoking!
Begin a program of walking by walking as far as is comfortable and gradually working up to 4 or 5 miles a day. Take a walking stick for stability. Work up to a minimum of 20-30 minutes at least every other day. If muscles are weak, every other day is better, as it takes 48 hrs. recovery time. Can't go out? A re-bounder, (mini trampoline) is good. Folk in apartment buildings often walk the halls, going to the top in the elevator then walking each hall and descending each staircase. Gradually increase the number of floors walked. Organic Gardening is also great for health. (and the side effect is yummy vegetables!)
Sunshine has several benefits to the body. It furnishes the natural Vit. D and helps to lower cholesterol. Sunlight increases the volume of oxygen in the blood. People with severe Arthritis have been cured by simply getting out into the sunlight. It is important to spend at least part of your time in the sunlight without wearing glasses to maximize healing effects. Start with 10-15 minutes daily to face and hands and work up to 30-45 minutes daily. The best time for sunbathing is 9-10 am and 4-6 PM. Avoid burning. To lessen skin cancer risk, reduce the fat intake, such as animal fats, oils, margarine—(& foods containing refined, processed oils) And don't over do sunbathing. If you have to stay in the sun, the best 'sunscreen' is a straw-hat and light clothing.

Get adequate restful sleep. an early, light supper, well before bedtime and no eating before bed will help. A relaxing warm bath may help you unwind, avoid stressful and stimulating activities before bedtime. Regular times for going to bed and rising will also help. The best time to go to bed is between 9 and 10 PM. This sounds strange, because in our culture, it almost seems in bad taste to sleep. 100 years ago the average person got 9 or more hours sleep—now it is more like 4 or 5! Exercise during the day also helps set the stage for restful sleep. Avoid using drugs for sleep as these are harmful and sleep thus attained is of little benefit to your body. Lack of restful sleep is for many the root of the 'enervation' that brings disease. For healing and cleansing to occur much rest and sleep is needed as these actions are done only while asleep.
Your body is about 75% water! Lots of water is needed for optimal function! Every process in your body depends on the presence of adequate water.Drink lots of pure, soft water daily. Distilled water is best. Juice, tea or soft drinks do NOT take the place of water! Your weight ÷ 2= minimum number of oz. of water to drink daily. Adequate fluid intake will increase your endurance and energy levels! Studies show DEHYDRATION at the cellular level to be the root cause of many diseases! Carry a supply with you at work and on walks etc.On arising squeeze a fresh lemon into two glasses room temperature or warm water and drink it. Drink between meals. 2 hours after to 1/2 hour before—not with meals. Taking 2 glasses 1/2 hour before each meal, prevents mealtime thirst, aids digestion and prevents ulcers. Shower daily with cool or tepid water using a bath brush or good rough washcloth to rub your skin all over. This improves circulation and gets toxins out.
Temperance is not only concerned with drinking booze; good health requires moderation and wise choices in all aspects of life. Over-eating, over-playing, over-working, and over-indulgence of the marriage privilege can all contribute to poor health. Abstain from all harmful indulgences. Tobacco, alcohol coffee, tea, (except herbal tea) colas and soft drinks. The bit of pleasure they might give is not worth the misery they cause in the long run.

THE HEALTHY DIET—Avoids all refined foods; Uses fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes and grains, as fresh & simple as possible. Fresh is best, Frozen next best, dried is OK also. Eat as much as possible fresh & raw. Sprouts are very good. Reduce oil and fat, including margarine and vegetable oils and things made with them. (Read Labels!) Use no sugar—replace with honey or dried fruit & use this lightly. Avoid 'salt bombs' such as cheezies, chips, pretzels and party snacks. Cheese is extremely high in fat & salt and should be eliminated. Use no deep fried foods. Don't mix fruits and vegetables at the same meal. Avoid 'hot' spices and vinegar. Cook in Glass, stainless steel, or enamel, not aluminum! (or better still eat it raw.) If you can, get organically grown foods, but even the worse supermarket fruits and veggies are safer than animal products. Avoid microwaved, and irradiated produce. A good rule is—IF IT GROWS—EAT IT; & EAT IT IN AS NATURAL A STATE AS POSSIBLE. The more man does with a food the less nutritional value it has left when he is finished!

I found this above information here. I plan on checking the information out some more & most sites have the biblical passages to go along with them that I will look up as well.

If anyone knows any more info, please share!

Be Blessed!!!

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