Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random Thoughts

Ever have one of those days? Your mind is full of random thoughts as your driving or washing dishes. Even sometimes when you're watching television your mind can just go off to another place. This morning I felt like one of those cartoon characters with the steam poofing up from their heads. My brain was on over drive. So much so, I had to turn down the radio as an attempt to listen to all the different thoughts going on upstairs. I could probably compile an entire book of all the thoughts I had this morning, but here are a few of them...

~~ Really need to get working on my work from home idea.
~~ I wish I had a bigger house
~~ Another baby wouldn't be so bad, at least Nicolas won't be so alone
~~ Yeah me, I ran a mile in 15 minutes! Good way to work towards my goal of 10 minutes or less.
~~ I need to set up the web page for my contribution to Step Out for Diabetes
~~ Ugh! I hate this commute. I'd love to be home with slippers on at my own computer..
~~ I can't believe school is around the corner. How am I going to get to work by 7??
~~ Cheaper by the Dozen... How did she do it?? We'd be cheaper by the half dozen if we had one more.

And so on and so forth. Guess the biggest two that really settled on my heart were working from home - I need to get that in order - and making my 1 mile in 15 minutes. I've been hitting that treadmill at least 3 days per week & only getting in 17 minute miles! So I knocked off 2 WHOLE MINUTES!! Am I proud of myself?? Heck Yeah!!! lol...

Now the work from home bit... Again, I'd love to be there for my son & plus all he sees is Mommy working in his little 4 year old mind. Now HE wants to go to work. Poor thing. Explaining that Mommies & Daddies go to work because they have too was not working this morning. All he knew was that he was being dropped off, yet again, and Mommy was off. Yes, it still breaks my heart!! I will be so happy when kindergarten starts. Maybe it'll take the sting away just a little bit. This way, I'll kiss him good bye (at home) in the mornings because I'll head out to work while hubby drops him off to school. And I'll be there to greet him in the afternoons. Yeah... maybe it won't sting as much then... I hope!!!

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