Monday, August 18, 2008

Hot for challenges!!

That's me!! Just jumping in every where that I can... I figure what a way to get around the blog-o-shere! And since I'm still learning, why not jump in with both feet to as many challenges as possible. lol... Well this one will be more accountability for me as I'm already following my weight loss journey on It's call "Hot for the Holidays" and it's hosted by Baby Tea Leaves (see link below).

The rules:

The challenge starts Monday, September 8th and continues through to Friday, December 5th. Yes, it is a long time. But there is a lot of work to do! So let's get started! Rome wasn't built in a day!
-Each Friday, we will weigh in. Comment here on Fridays with your pounds lost or gained for the week (no worries -- you don't have to display your actual weight for the entire world-- I'm not that crazy!)

-At the end of each Friday, I will announce our entire collective weight loss and ceremoniously move the ticker (hopefully in the direction toward our goal.)
-That means, if you lost, we all lost!! Hurrah!! But if you gained, that means we all gained, too. Boooo! Which means the amount of work someone did one week to lose could be counter-balanced by the amount of non-work someone else did to gain! (Isn't that stinky??) But honestly, what could be more motivating than knowing that you're a team, working toward your own personal goal as well as for the group's? I mean, it is an Olympic year for Pete's Sake! (Who's Pete, by the way?) If you need mental motivation, think of Michael Phelps and his amazing relay team's Gold Medal!!!!! Think of this as a weight-loss relay. However well you do will only improve the chances of the team's winning!
-But seriously. If you gain one week, no biggie! Don't be shy about it either! Please, do tell us and please, do weigh-in with it! We need honesty here! And we will honestly help you pick up and move on. It's a "we're all in this together" thing. Wasn't it Jack Dawson in Titanic who said, "You jump, I jump" ??So what's a challenge without prizes?
-Each Friday there will be a random drawing and the winner will be chosen from those who commented by 8pm et. Sorry, if you're late, you won't be eligible for the prize drawing, but you can still weigh in late.
-There will also be one grand prize drawing at the Final Weigh In of the challenge on Friday, December 5th. It will be a random winner. The only catch is that you will have had to weighed in at least 10 times throughout the competition (There are 13 weigh ins) and I will verify that by counting the comments you've left at the previous Friday weigh-ins. If you don't meet that number, a second winner will be randomly chosen. So the earlier you join in on this, the better chance you have at winning the Grand Prize! Again, I ask, won't you join us?

Additional Participation:
-If you want to sponsor a prize or know someone who will sponsor a prize, please let me know. I will write up a post about the company or your blog in a separate post for all to see and link to the company, and/or blog, in my "sponsors" section on my sidebar.
-If you have a suggestion for a game (scavenger hunt, photo contest, anything to make it interesting for a particular week) let me know!
-You can e-mail me at christieo_7 at msn dot com for anything!We've done two challenges already this year. The Spring Into Summer Slimdown was a complete success, as well as the Summer of Me Competition which completely exploded into a HUGE SUCCESS (we had a hugggge sponsor list and really cool prizes like a Wii Fit, a blog design, teeshirts, and much more!!). So let's close the year out with a bang, shall we?

I have a nice goal in mine too & something to look forward too. My lovely sister just got engaged and her wedding date is set for 2009. What better motivation?? AND it's in the summer, so sure this is may be hot for the holidays, but I'll still be looking further into the future!!!

Join in! It sounds like fun!!!

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  1. awesome!! i'm so glad you're in!! we can do this!