Monday, August 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

My family flip flops so much between my cooking or the hubby cooking - to eating at my Mom's house for the evening - that the thought of planning a menu is kind of baffling. Will we stick to it? lol... But in my attempts to organize my home before the school year begins (next week! AAHHH) I think maybe this will help the family along. I suppose there is room for adjustments and it'll be easy when hubby calls me at work in the middle of the day & asks what I want for dinner! lol... Now I'll have a list of ideas to choose from! lol...


Monday - Spaghetti w/ meatballs & salad

Tuesday - Hotdogs & beans

Wednesday - Eating at Mom's for brother-in-law to be birthday dinner

Thursday - Baked Pork chops w/ rice & veggies

Friday - Hubby cooking on the grill (more hotdogs! lol, hamburgers)

Saturday - Run around day - whatever healthy eat out choice we can find

Sunday - T.B.D... Yesterday I decided to have a taco night which was really fun... Not to sure about this upcoming Sunday...

As you can see, we're not elaborate at all! lol... Maybe once I change my hours at work, I'll have the time to be more crafty! But for now... Simple is best!!!

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  1. Welcome to MPM! I have dinner at my Mom's house twice a week! Mom's home cooking is always awesome! I've found it does help to plan out the rest of my week! It saves time and money!

    Have a wonderfully blessed week,


  2. Welcome to MPM, thanks for joining us!!