Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday's Fab Five

A few months back a friend of mine and I decided to challenge ourselves. We decided that for 21 days we would try to be the most positive people that we could be. To help us along, I came up with the idea of emailing to one another, five positive thoughts for the day. If any negative thoughts came up, we would remind one another about our 5 positive thoughts!

About a week or so into this challenge, we started calling our 5 thoughts, our Fab Five or Fabulous Five. Since I've been challenged lately in maintaining positive thinking in my day to day, I decided that maybe it's time I implement the Fab Five rule all over again. However, instead of posting every day, I figured I'd just do a weekly sum up and call it Friday's Fab Five.

  1. My mother made it home from her cross country trip safely.
  2. I've had my health and well-being all week.
  3. On Tuesday, I had a wonderful mother/son day with Nicolas.
  4. The Lord has blessed us with beautiful weather all week.
  5. I've released 2 more lbs and well on my way to my healthy weight.

Wow... that wasn't so bad - today! lol... Some days are harder than others.

***So what do you say Patty?? Any Fab Fives you want to mention??***

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